Our HUMAN GYROSCOPES are a proven success

Our Human Gyroscopes are proving to be a popular exhibit in many Science Centers and Museums throughout the world. Some of our customers include, NASA's Stennis and Kennedy Space Centers, the United States Air Force, COSI, MOSI, the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Busse IMAX Dome, and many more. They are also currently on the Cross into the Blue Air Force tour, Powerade and ClearChannels Monster Truck Tour.

"A time tested proven business opportunity; whose potential is limited only by your imagination."
4Spin powered human gyroscope

The 4Spin

The 4Spin is our latest innovation in powered human gyroscopes. It is designed to accomodate up to 4 riders at a time. It is the first of its kind in the world. It is a complete business opportunity with huge potential.

The GyroXtreme powered human gyroscope

The GyroXtreme

The GyroXtreme is a two person powered human gyroscope. A fun new addition to any promotional or entertainement business. Minimize the wait time and maximize YOUR profits.

The Spaceball 2000 1 person powered human gyroscope

The Spaceball 2000

The Spaceball 2000 was one of the first powered gyroscopes on the market. It is widely used as a promotional tool for a variety businesses. It is a cash earning machine..